The Foundation for Forests in Drylands


Desert Leaves’ mission is to increase and disseminate knowledge about forests and forestation in dryland regions, to connect and support people and organizations around the globe that are involved in dryland afforestation and forest preservation, and thus to support initiatives that pursuit the growth of sustainable forests in drylands.

Why Drylands?

Drylands is the common UN denomination for dry sub-humid lands, semi-arid lands, arid lands and hyper-arid lands. Approximately 40% of the earth’s land area is dryland.

Drylands are home to 30% of the world population, although several vast areas are practically deserted.

While drylands offer specific challenges to tree growth, such as water stress, wind erosion and wildfires, large areas of dryland are available for forestation. Tree growth can be stimulated in deserted areas, but just as well in inhabited areas where it will typically be combined with other land use, such as housing and farming.


Desert Leaves is an initiative of a group of engaged scientists, business men and philanthropists who believe that scientifically sound forestation is an answer to a number of challenges that our planet is facing today, such as global warming, desertification and habitat destruction.

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