The Murcian Plateau

Murcia has one of the most arid and inhospitable ecosystems in the Iberian Peninsula. On a plot of land called La Junquera, Camp Altiplano was established in 2017, an ecosystem restoration camp that aims to create a healthy and resilient ecosystem through the application of regenerative practices. This has become an educational-agricultural project where, apart from restoring their immediate environment, they educate and provide training, all in a context of experimentation and learning.

The Project

Between October 2021 and May 2022, the reforestation of 12 hectares and 6km of field boundaries and ditches was carried out by planting 10,000 plants. DesertLeaves participated in the second half of the project (January-May 2022) by providing technical and legal advice, as well as financial support.

Despite a somewhat drier than usual first few months, the planting was a success thanks to the good practices carried out, such as grazing control and irrigation application in the early stages when the vegetation is most vulnerable.

The project sought at all times to establish the richest and most resilient ecosystem possible, so the selection of species has been unusually broad in order to benefit the fauna in the most effective way. In addition to pine (Pinus halepensis) and kermes oak (Quercus ilex), species such as strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus), wild olive (Olea europea) and white willow (Salix alba) have been included, a total of 17 plant species that will form a future forest capable of supporting a complex and resilient ecosystem.

Credit images: Lukas Würsching