The contribution of companies to the fight against climate change

Sustainable forestation and CO2 sequestration

Desert Leaves organised this symposium which took place on 22 February 2023 at the Casa de Vacas Cultural Centre, in the Retiro Park in Madrid, for an audience of 170 people, including those present in the auditorium and those following the event online.
The conference was mainly aimed at managers and consultants involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, and was focused on disseminating the role of public and private entities in their fight against climate change through their collaboration in reforestation and forest management.
A selection of top-level speakers presented public-private collaboration programmes of the United Nations, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Madrid City Council.
In addition, existing compensation mechanisms were explained, both at the Spanish level, such as the Calculo-Reduzco-Compenso label, and international mechanisms such as the Verra Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, and others.
There were also several speakers who presented specific reforestation projects that have the collaboration of companies within the framework of their Corporate Social Responsibility.
The round tables provided an opportunity to share impressions on trends in the sector and future challenges.
This event was made possible with the financial support of the Conselleria de Participación, Transparencia, Cooperación y Calidad Democrática of the Generalitat Valenciana.


  • Opening of the event – ​​Madrid City Council – Santiago Saura
  • Presentation Madrid Metropolitan Forest – Silvia Villacañas
  • Presentation “UN Decenio para la Restauración de los Ecosistemas” – Lucía González
  • Presentation Madrid Compensa – Luis Tejero
  • Round table. Reforestation and Society – Asemfo – forestry companies and NGOs – Official College of Forestry Engineers
  • Presentation ”Mecanismos internacionales para compensación de CO2, y ejemplos de proyectos” – Wim Cambien, Fundación Desert Leaves
  • Presentation of the Calculo I Reduce Compensation seal, MITECO – Marta Hernández de la Cruz
  • CO2 sequestration within Sacyr’s environmental strategy – Encarna Mateos
  • Round table. Public-private collaboration forestry – Sacyr–Desert Leaves – CMI Business School