Green Urban Actions for Resilient fire Defence of the Interface Area. 2018-2021. European Union. UIA Program. Total budget: 5,494,755 € (EU contribution: 4,395,804 €). Coordinator: Ribarroja del Turia municipality. The project takes place in a highly urbanized environment with WUI subjected to risk of forest fires, further impacted by the effects of climate change. The project proposes a set of strategies to improve the resilience of the affected urban areas, reducing fire risk, and limiting its expansion to inhabited areas in case it eventually occurs. This innovative approach is based in preventive, pre-defensive and defensive irrigation and soaking of green barriers in key areas, making use of regenerated water (these are the main research questions). Also, vegetation transformation, control of forest fuels, automated monitoring of forest and weather conditions and self-defense training for the population are at the core of the methodology being used in this project. More info